Fencing Services in Exeter

If you're looking for fencing services in or around the Exeter area, then you have come to the right place!

ASR Landscaping Services specialise in providing fencing solutions to suit your needs whether that be for privacy, keeping the children and/or pets in, keeping intruders and/or pests out, aesthetics, maintenance or repairs to an existing fence.

No matter what your garden fencing needs or your budget, ASR Landscaping Services will always be glad to help!

Oh, and I almost forgot to say, there's no added VAT to pay on any of my services!

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Fence repairs Exeter

Fence Repairs

Fencing can become damaged for many reasons but it's often not the whole fence that fails. In fact, most of the fences I come across usually have a damaged section or a particular component which has failed. In these situations, unless you fancy a change of scenery, the fence can usually be repaired quite easily giving you many more years of service life. Some of the more common fence repairs I carry out are:

  • Fence post replacements

  • Fence panel replacements

  • Post resetting

  • Repairs to broken rails

  • Replacing pales, Cladding & much more!

Fence Preservatives & Stains

When you purchase fencing new, it comes either dipped or pressure treated but after time, these preservatives become less effective at their job. It's therefore good practice to treat exterior timber to keep it better protected (although this isn't mandatory).

If you're looking for help applying preservatives and stains in the garden to sheds, decking, fencing or any other external timber for that matter, ASR Landscaping Services are happy to help! I can supply the treatments too or just do the applying if you prefer to source your own products. No job too big or small!

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Why choose ASR Landscaping Services for your next fencing project

ASR Landscaping Services are passionate about fencing and aim to offer the best value fencing services in the Exeter area.

I am:

  • Extremely passionate about fencing - It's an enjoyable job!
  • Honest & transparent - Quotes are given up front and honored so there are no nasty surprises
  • Insured up to £1,000,000 - For your peace of mind
  • Waste carrier licensed - If required, I am licensed to dispose of the old fencing & post hole debris
  • Competitively priced - My prices are competitive and can be tailored to your budget
  • Eager to impress - 80% of my work comes from referrals so it's vital that I impress my customers

Whilst ASR is working on your property, every effort is made to cause minimal disruption so you can rest assured that your plants won't be excessively trodden on & your property will remain in a clean and tidy state throughout the job.

For a completely free no obligation quotation on any fencing services in the Exeter area, get in touch via one of the methods listed on my Contact ASR page or if your viewing this site from your mobile, you can click the green phone symbol to call me straight away.

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