Why is timber fencing so popular in the uk?

There are many different materials available on today's market used for garden fencing, so why does timber fencing remain such a popular choice?

Here are a few reasons to explain why timber fencing is such a popular option for garden fencing:

  1. Sustainable - Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials used in construction as it's a renewable resource. When choosing timber for your fence, look out for timber that has been certified by the FSC to be assured what you are using has been taken from well-managed forests.
  2. Aesthetics - Timber is pleasing to look at and has a natural ability to fit into almost any setting rather than standing out as an eyesore. Have you ever seen a timber fence and thought 'That doesn't look right there'?
  3. Affordability - Timber is more affordable than other fencing materials and can be a very cost-efficient option when installed correctly and kept well maintained. 
  4. Versatility - Timber is very versatile and can be worked to fit almost any scenario no matter what the lay of the land may be. It's also very easy to achieve different colours or shades using stains and tints.
  5. Availability - Readily available all over the country from saw mills, timber yards, builders merchants, DIY stores and let's not forget over the internet.


garden fence - Featheredge

However, like most things good, there are a few bad points to be considered too:

  1. Warping - Timber fencing can warp due to the change in moisture content and is not helped by poor installation. The best way to counter this is to have your fence installed by a professional and treat your fence as often as required with a quality penetrating wood preservative. 
  2. Discolouration - Timber will lose its colour over time but using a  preservative will slow this process down. Another way to retain colour is to use a treatment that has a stain or tint included in the mix.  (top tip - the darker the shade, the better protection for your fence)
  3. Fungus & Rot - Timber is susceptible to fungus and rotting, especially at the post base due to the higher moisture content and contact with the ground. The best way to prevent this is to start off with high quality pressure treated timber and again, treat your fence with a quality penetrating preservative. If any cross cuts are made to the timber once bought, they should be treated with an end grain preservative. 

Overall, timber fencing will age with time and won't last forever but when it's installed correctly and kept well maintained, it can be one of the most cost efficient fencing options available and they really do look great!